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Monoposto America 1

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Bests lap for each track
In the last day
alamoguestMPA1 Murasama00:26.1202020-07-06 15:42:21#135248
Arizona Mile SpeedwayguestMPA1 Murasama00:22.4982020-07-06 15:39:15#135247
Indy-500(Modded)guestMPA1 Murasama00:38.3872020-07-06 15:36:44#135246
KarwadaguestTeam Lynx01:44.0192020-07-06 17:29:28#135274
Long Pond SuperspeedwayguestMPA1 Murasama00:40.8842020-07-06 15:32:52#135245
Manton SpeedwayguestMPA1 Murasama00:30.9932020-07-06 15:28:55#135244
Mile SpeedwayguestMPA1 Murasama00:23.5962020-07-06 15:25:39#135243
Milky FiveguestMPA1 Murasama00:38.9332020-07-06 15:22:51#135242
Newton CupguestMPA1 Murasama00:29.0302020-07-06 15:19:02#135240
Pinabashi ParkguestTeam Lynx00:38.2282020-07-06 17:13:57#135264
Trioval(Modded)guestMPA1 Murasama00:32.8452020-07-06 15:46:12#135251
Most used Tracks
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Arizona Mile Speedway6
Pinabashi Park4
Milky Five2
Mile Speedway1
Newton Cup1
Manton Speedway1
Long Pond Superspeedway1
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Team Lynx13
MPA1 Murasama11
Team Furia5